• Winter Tug of War Dog Toy
  • Winter Tug of War Dog Toy
  • Winter Tug of War Dog Toy
  • Winter Tug of War Dog Toy

Winter Tug of War Dog Toy

Featuring a durable design that can withstand even the toughest chewers, this rubber dog toys is perfect for interactive playtime with your pup. The winter-themed elements add a festive touch to your play sessions, while the Tug of war dog toy design promotes healthy exercise and strengthens the bond between you and your dog.
Made with high-quality materials, this custom dog toy is built to last and withstands the wear and tear of daily play.

Product Description

The symbolism of winter is multifaceted:

Silence and solidarity: Winter is often seen as a season of tranquillity, when nature lies dormant and everything seems to freeze. It symbolises a period of thought, reflection and introspection.

Whiteness and purity: Snow covers the earth and brings a sense of whiteness. It represents new beginnings and purity of heart.

WAITING AND HOPE: Winter is a time of waiting for the arrival of spring and the birth of new life. In the cold of winter, hope and anticipation are nurtured.

Thrift and moderation: The scarcity of resources and the need for moderation in winter encourage people to learn to be thrifty and to cherish.

Reunion and Warmth: Winter is a time for family reunion, when people come together to enjoy warmth and affection through the cold.

Allegory of life: Despite the cold of winter, life is still resilient. Under the cover of snow and ice, life is waiting for the arrival of spring, symbolising the tenacity of life and unending hope.

This product, we chose a kernel, lying quietly on the ground, covered with snow, but the part that is in contact with the earth, has secretly grasped the earth, fighting against the harsh environment, waiting for the arrival of spring, which is the endlessness of life, symbolising the tenacity of us, so that the blizzard will come more fiercely!

Product parameters

Package Size Weight/KG
45 49.5*36.5*28CM 11.21

Product features

Per high appearance, unique shape ,multi-color integrated ,Approvals & Patent

  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Durable and Safety
  • Food- leaking
  • Natural Rubber
  • Reduce Destructive Chewing
  • Reduce Anxiety & Boredom

High safety : No toxic, no paint, no glue, no hard small component

  • Multi- color craft, integrated molding No paint,eco-friendly and non-toxic

  • Paint processing,surface colorPaint is toxic and harmful tohealth

  • Multi- color craft,integrated,molding Refused to glue,eco-friendly and non-toxic

  • Glue processing, fixing thebottom Glue is toxic andharmful to health

Natural rubber

Food Grade Rubber- Non-Toxic Material and Tough Chew Toys

  • Natural Rubber

  • No Chemicals

  • No Preservatives

  • Food Grade Rubber

Super bite-resistant

The tear strength reaches 120N/ MM , More than 2 times the market quality

Recycled product quality testing

Recyclable Production Process



  What support policies do agents have?

A variety of favorable policies are available to agents, including the provision of regional market research reports and countermeasures, promotional season pricing assistance, website building support, and new product first experience.

  What is the lead time for customised products?

The lead time for customized products is typically 35 working days.

  Do your products have patent certificates?

Yes, all products have patent certificates. Petopia' has German packaging certificate, 19 patents, an antibacterial certificate, and an ISO 9000 certification.

  Why are our goods so bite-resistant?

Petopia's natural rubber is more biting-resistant than other companies' due to its recipe, combining, and shaping processes. The recipe has high-reinforcement inorganic and organic components. It boosts natural rubber's tensile and tear strengths and is compatible.

  What do you mean by a 30-day replacement guarantee for damaged products?

The 30-day replacement guarantee for damaged products means that within 30 days of purchase, if there is a functional loss of the product, it can be exchanged for a new one for free.

  What is the lead time for customised products?

The lead time for customized products is typically 35 working days.


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