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Coke Can with Squeaky

Died Tree with Squeaky

Pineapple with Squeaky

Hotpot- Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Hotpot- Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Birthday Cake-Square Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Flower-Round Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

We're Innovators

With over 20 years of perfecting proprietary toys, we create what others replicate. Our designs consistently delight dogs year after year.

We're Specialists

Pet toys aren't just a side business - they're our passion and sole focus. We pour that energy into exceeding your expectations.

We're Partners

Big or small, we'll grow with you through flexible terms, customization, and service that exceeds expectations, not just meet them.

We're Reliable

With on-site designers, manufacturing, and sales, we can respond quickly to market demands and your customer needs.

Why Choose Us

Convenient Wholesale Ordering and Rapid Delivery

With flexible ordering minimums and multiple payment methods, getting wholesale
dog toys from our warehouse to your store is smooth and speedy.


Minimum Order Quantities - Low MOQs and purchase by-the-each available.
Customization - New toy development and design.


Payment Methods - Major credit cards, PayPal, and wire transfers are accepted.

Processing & Lead Times

Rush Processing - 3-5 day expedited production available upon request.
Standard Processing - Orders typically ship within 5-7 business days.

Shipping & Delivery

Warehouse Location - Products ship from our warehouse in China.
Delivery Speeds - Standard shipping methods used to optimize delivery speed.

Realizing Our Collective Potential: The Petopiatoys Difference in Advancing the Wholesale Dog Toy Market

Did you know 63% of US households own at least one dog? As beloved furry family members, it's no wonder we spend over $100 billion annually on our canine companions! Among the fastest-growing doggie expenditures? Durable toys and treats have increased by 50% in just 5 years.

As any pet retail owner knows, dog toys are big business because mental stimulation and chewing are integral to a dog's health and happiness. But with the explosion of pet care products flooding the market, how do retailers choose safe, appealing, and affordable wholesale toy options?

At Petopiatoys, we've been specialized designers and manufacturers of distinctive dog toys for over 20 years. We utterly obsess over the safety, durability, sustainability, and creativity built into all our toys. Beyond compliance testing, we spearhead industry advancements in materials and proprietary production methods for unmatched quality control. We'll leverage decades of expertise to spotlight what savvy pet retailers should prioritize in curating their wholesale toy selection.

Key Considerations When Selecting Wholesale Dog Toys

The wholesale dog toy marketplace can seem saturated. But not all toys are created equal when it comes to captivating customers and withstanding repeated play. As you evaluate supplier partners, prioritize these make-or-break factors:

Safety Standards

Minimizing risk is imperative. Require evidence of rigorous evaluations - don’t just rely on basic compliance claims. Our toys undergo months of destructive testing well beyond regulations to pinpoint and resolve vulnerabilities pre-market.


Pay attention to substance purity, processing methods, and proven longevity data. For chew toys especially, factors like consistency, density, odor, and gentle texture impact the experience. Our registered Rubber Formula took years to perfect before launching.

Design Innovation

Novel toys drive excitement and sales velocity. But radical creativity should never jeopardize safety or function. Leverage partners like us with proprietary techniques for embedding intriguing textures and components securely into toys for sensory stimulation that endures.

What Sets Petopiatoys Apart?

With nearly two decades dedicated exclusively to imagination-fueled dog toys, Petopiatoys holds unparalleled advantage. Our commitment to dogs — not bottom lines — manifests in proprietary advances that percolate through our entire vertically integrated process, from first sketches to sealed packages.

History of Potential Realized

From 2001 initial squeaky prototypes to today’s sustainable molded masterpieces, we evolve constantly. We nurtured the talents of an in-house design team rather than outsourcing trends. We invested in specialized equipment to pioneer advanced production techniques like our patented mold tech. We perfected a registered rubber formula to conflicting standards of flex and strength. Our potential has only just begun surfacing.

Partners, Not Providers

We invite collaboration, not just transactions. Let’s hike production for that regional bestseller. We’ll install custom accent colors on ordered toys to reinforce your branding. Want to develop an exclusive toy line? Our insights can target specific pet parent niches in your shopper community. We’re eager to realize collective potential.

Let's Continue Raising the Bar for Safe, Quality Wholesale Dog Toys

Wholesale dog toys represent a prime product category for pet retailers aiming to drive value, velocity, and customer loyalty. As the sole focus of our business for 20+ years, Petopiatoys offers unmatched expertise in procuring distinctive toys pets obsess over and owners eagerly recommend.

We built a vertically integrated hub of designers, engineers, safety specialists, and pet enthusiasts fueled by a commitment to enable memorable play. Our latest proprietary advances in sustainable rubber compounds and concealed sound modules set new bars in quality and innovation.

Interested to see if Petopiatoys is the right strategic wholesale dog toys manufacturers for your growing pet store? Check out our full toy catalog and contact us directly with any product or partnership questions. We can’t wait to realize our collective potential as allies rooted in enriching our community of beloved dogs and the families caring for them.

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