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Slower Feeder dog bowl

In addition to encouraging healthy digestion, Petopia's slower feeder dog bowl gives your dog cerebral stimulation and a fun challenge. It is constructed from strong, secure materials to resist even the most ardent eaters.

Cake Dog Bowl No Spill Dog Bowl

Slow Feeder Rose Flower

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Exceptional Product Quality, Innovative Business Model,
And a Comprehensive Closed-Loop Business System.

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Pet stores

Support for small quantities and various products

We have collaborated with over 1,000 pet stores and understand that dog toys might not be your main source of profit. However, products with clear differentiation can always catch your customers' attention. High-quality products make your customers feel that you are trustworthy. This is not just a matter of profit; it's about traffic and trust. With your private domain and user dissemination (photos, videos, etc.), retaining old customers and attracting new ones will be much easier. Good pet store owners know how to turn great products into store traffic.

We fully support ordering in small, varied quantities, offering low-cost and efficient logistics, providing product usage photos and explanatory videos, free exquisite pictures, and even a 30-day free replacement service for toys damaged by chewing. Come on, join us, and more surprises are waiting for you.


Large discounts, support for flexible customization

You've likely dealt with countless suppliers, negotiating prices, worrying about quality, experiencing passive service, and facing changing delivery dates, making communication costs your biggest hidden expense. However, at Petopia, you'll find a refreshing change with our open and transparent tiered pricing, eliminating the need for haggling. Our unified quality standards are well above other products, providing you with peace of mind. We offer proactive and extensive free services, up to 18 different types, with dedicated follow-up and proactive updates upon your request. Our factory's standardized production and ISO quality system ensure on-time delivery.

If you want to use your brand, we provide numerous flexible packaging customization options. Whether you use your freight forwarder or our customs export services, the process is hassle-free for you. If you have your own website but it's not performing well, don't worry, our professional team can offer advice. If you have social media, feel free to use our images and videos. So, at PETOPIA, everything is simple and efficient. All you need to do is place your orders.

Brand owners

Highlight product quality and professionalism, and the advantages of OEM and ODM

At a factory with 25 years of experience in rubber products and a decade in dog toys, OEM, and ODM under ISO certification, product customization is our daily routine. Whether you have a sketch or just an idea, we can turn it into a 2D drawing for your review. After your approval, we'll create a 3D model or even a 3D print for further confirmation. During this process, we'll offer our professional suggestions based on years of data, including bite force, tear strength, and pressure points of the target dogs.

Once all the preliminary data is confirmed, we'll convert it into mold-making information for our in-house mold shop. We use CNC machining, electrical discharge machining, wire cutting, lathes, and more to create the mold. Our engineering department's trial team will test the mold according to your material, and color, and quantity requirements. Meanwhile, our QA team will create a standard inspection form and measure these samples. If everything is OK, our sales team will deliver the samples and wait for your feedback.

We also offer customized materials. Depending on the market and product, we provide different tear strengths for you to choose or test, ranging from 50N/MM to 120N/MM, ensuring there's always a match for price and product. We support up to six colors in one product through integrated molding, adhering to our principle of not using glue or paint. Of course, if you need antibacterial properties, we can provide that too.

If you're looking to fill a gap in your recyclable product line, we've just successfully developed such items. If you need more eco-friendly options, like adding bamboo or wood powder to products, that's also our specialty. As a company that excels in research and design, we welcome challenges. The more complex the product, the more excited we are to tackle it. So, you won't regret working with us!

E-commerce and social media

One-stop service

If you are an e-commerce platform seller, please note that all of our products are original and come with patent certificates, so you won't have to worry about infringement issues. We offer free labeling services for any platform and assist with first-leg shipping services. If you are new to e-commerce, we are willing to help with any problems you may encounter.

We have a strong supply capability, with some products consistently in ample stock. Our pricing is reasonable with tiered pricing structures, platform pricing control to ensure profit, and measures to combat unauthorized sellers. We provide free main images, detail pages, and videos for quick product listings.

If you run an independent website, we can provide relevant advice on SEO, SEM, or even website framework structure. If you are focused on social media, we consider establishing local overseas warehouses to facilitate rapid restocking. If you don't yet have an independent site, we can assist in setting one up for you.

Regional distributors

More discounts and services, exclusive sales, regional protection, event sponsorship

For our closest partners, we provide everything you need, and even what you don't have, we will strive to offer. You can expect additional discounts and year-end rebates upon completion of annual targets. We assist with exhibition design and sponsorship, help with website and social media promotion to drive traffic and conduct local market research and analysis. We also support marketing planning and provide sponsorship for offline events, among other services.

Newcomers to the industry

Market research and recommendations, assistance with product selection

Congratulations on entering this industry filled with opportunities and challenges. We are here to guide you through industry trends, market research, and analysis. We will inform you about market size, competitors, pricing advantages, and marketing strategies, among other things. Together, we can explore possibilities and assist you in building your channels, whether offline or online, as well as provide advice on e-commerce platforms and social media engagement.


High commissions and local sales representatives

Hello there! It's great to connect with you. It sounds like we have the perfect synergy—your high-quality resources combined with our premium products could indeed make us the best of partners.

Other Collaboration Forms

Shared success, shared markets.

We're dedicated to creating strong, win-win partnerships. Our flexible collaboration options are crafted to fit different business needs. Together, we aim for joint success and to grow our presence in the market. Our goal is to achieve shared success and market expansion through close collaboration.

The features of dog chew toys

At Petopia, we understand that dogs need to chew. That's why we offer a range of durable and safe chew toys to satisfy your pup's natural chewing instincts.


Encourages healthy eating habits by reducing the risk of bloating, choking, and vomiting by slowing down feeding times.


Encourages dogs to work for their food by requiring them to access it with their tongues, teeth, and paws, providing mental stimulation and enrichment.


Suitable for all dog breeds and sizes, with various sizes and designs available to meet the needs of different dog breeds.


Made with safe and durable materials, such as stainless steel, ensuring the safety and longevity of the product.


Easy to clean and maintain, with available dishwasher-safe options, saving pet owners time and effort.


It can be used for both dry and wet food, so pet owners can meet their dog's dietary needs in a flexible and easy way.


Petopia is proud to hold multiple certifications and patents that demonstrate our commitment to quality and safety. Our German packaging certificate, 19 patents, antibacterial certificate,US FDA testing and ISO 9000 certification are evidence of our tireless efforts to bring only the best to your furry friends. 



  How to make a recycled dog toy?

To create a recycled dog toy, recycle old rubber toys by transforming them into a safe and engaging plaything for your furry friend, reducing waste and giving new life to discarded items.

  Is there a dog toy that can't be destroyed?

There are some toys that are often made from tough materials like reinforced rubber or nylon, and they are built to endure the vigorous chewing habits of strong-jawed dogs.

  Do your products have patent certificates?

Yes, all products have patent certificates. Petopia' has German packaging certificate, 19 patents, an antibacterial certificate, and an ISO 9000 certification.

  Why are our goods so bite-resistant?

Petopia's natural rubber is more biting-resistant than other companies' due to its recipe, combining, and shaping processes. The recipe has high-reinforcement inorganic and organic components. It boosts natural rubber's tensile and tear strengths and is compatible.

  What do you mean by a 30-day replacement guarantee for damaged products?

The 30-day replacement guarantee for damaged products means that within 30 days of purchase, if there is a functional loss of the product, it can be exchanged for a new one for free.

  What is the lead time for customised products?

The lead time for customized products is typically 35 working days.

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