• Branches Recycled Dog Toys
  • Branches Recycled Dog Toys
  • Branches Recycled Dog Toys
  • Branches Recycled Dog Toys
  • Branches Recycled Dog Toys
  • Branches Recycled Dog Toys
  • Branches Recycled Dog Toys
  • Branches Recycled Dog Toys
  • Branches Recycled Dog Toys
  • Branches Recycled Dog Toys
  • Branches Recycled Dog Toys
  • Branches Recycled Dog Toys

Branches Recycled Dog Toys

The realistic design of the toy is characterized by brown trunk and green leaves to touch the nature. We are committed to promoting environmental protection and hope that this toy can inspire pet owners to think more about the environment.
The cleverly designed opening on the toy surface allows you to fill it with the dog's favorite food and encourage them to play and explore. In addition, the toy will make a sound to stimulate the curiosity of dogs and keep them focused. Provide fun and exciting game experience for your furry dog "

Product parameters



Type Package Size Weight/KG
Medium 60 49.5*36.5*28CM 18kg
Large 105 49.5*36.5*28CM 18.44kg

Product features

Per high appearance, unique shape ,multi-color integrated ,Approvals & Patent

  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Durable and Safety
  • Food- leaking
  • Natural Rubber
  • Reduce Destructive Chewing
  • Reduce Anxiety & Boredom

High safety : No toxic, no paint, no glue, no hard small component

  • Multi- color craft, integrated molding No paint,eco-friendly and non-toxic

  • Paint processing,surface colorPaint is toxic and harmful tohealth

  • Multi- color craft,integrated,molding Refused to glue,eco-friendly and non-toxic

  • Glue processing, fixing thebottom Glue is toxic andharmful to health

Natural rubber

Food Grade Rubber- Non-Toxic Material and Tough Chew Toys

  • Natural Rubber

  • No Chemicals

  • No Preservatives

  • Food Grade Rubber

Super bite-resistant

The tear strength reaches 120N/ MM , More than 2 times the market quality

Recycled product quality testing

Trying to destroy indestructible dog toystested by 250 kgf bite forceabout 3500 psbite force!

Recyclable Production Process

1.Recycle petopia's worn-outproducts.2.Cleaning and recyclingproducts.3.100°boiling water disinfectior.4.150°high temperature sterilization.5.Pulverize the recovered product to a granular form.6.Mix the recycled material with the raw material.7.Recycled material productmolding.8.Trim excess raw edges ofproducts.9.Quality testing of recycledproducts.



  Can you provide free samples?

Yes, we can provide free samples . And with the fastest speed to your handsto test.

  ls there any discount for large quantity purchase?

Of course it will. The more you buy, the greater the discount.At the sametime, we are doing regional agent investment promotion activities, if you getenough of the stipulated payment at one time, we will reach business cooperation, we will provide you with the most preferential price.

  How do you guarantee the quality?

As for the quality, each of our products has met the food grade safety inspection certificate and FDA standards. Each product has been tested by 11 professional equipment. lf you have any quality problems after receiving the productwe can replace it or return it.

  Why do you sell your products at such a high price?

Our product technology is complex, multi - color integration. Natural rubbelmaterial. Each of our products has been patented. At the same time, the bite resistance reached 110, which is twice the quality of ordinary material.

  Can I add our logo?

Of course, we support ODM and OEM services. You just provide ideas , our designers will try their best to meet you. Custom samples will be available within.


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