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Top Dog Toy Manufacturer to Visit at the Canton Fair 2024


As the highly anticipated 2024 Spring Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China, approaches, we at Jiandong Rubber Products Science and Technology Co., Ltd. are excited to invite you to visit our state-of-the-art dog toy manufacturing facility, located just a short 40-minute drive from the fair venue. With over 93,000 pre-registered buyers, this event promises to be a game-changer for the pet industry, and we are confident that our innovative products and unparalleled services will make a lasting impression on you.

PETOPIA at the exhibition 

A Guided Tour Through Our World-Class Facility

We take immense pride in our ISO9001-certified factory, which spans an impressive 11,000 square meters and houses several specialized departments dedicated to ensuring the highest quality products:

● Material Research Laboratory: This is the heart of our innovation. Our talented team of researchers constantly develops and tests cutting-edge materials, such as our 7th-generation natural rubber, which boasts the world's highest tear resistance at an astonishing 120N/MM.

● Product Research Laboratory: Our skilled designers and engineers work diligently to create unique, functionally superior dog toys that cater to various needs, from dental hygiene to mental stimulation.

● Mold Production Workshop: With our advanced mold-making capabilities, we bring even the most intricate designs to life, setting our products apart from the competition.

● Material Mixing Workshop: We blend our carefully developed materials to perfection, ensuring consistent quality across every batch.

● Product Molding Workshop: Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, we shape the final products, paying meticulous attention to every detail.

● Product Repair Workshop: Quality control is our top priority, and we ensure that any products with minor defects are repaired to meet our strict standards.

The Cutting-Edge Features That Make Our Dog Toys Stand Out

Various dog toys made by Petopiatoys 
1. Unrivaled Tear Strength: With our proprietary 7th generation natural rubber, recyclable, and wood powder-infused materials, we offer dog toys with tear strengths ranging from 65N/MM to an unbeatable 120N/MM.

2. Thoughtful and Original Designs: Each of our dog toys tells a story, from promoting environmental awareness to supporting children's welfare. Our attention to detail and aesthetic appeal make our toys stand out on store shelves.

3. Advanced Antibacterial Protection: By incorporating nano-antibacterial agents, our dog toys provide a remarkable 97.6% antibacterial rate, ensuring a safe and hygienic playtime for pets and peace of mind for their owners.

4. Versatile Functionality: Our toys go beyond simple chewing. They offer a range of benefits, such as treat dispensing, freezing compatibility, dental cleaning, and even helping to alleviate separation anxiety in dogs.

5. Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic: Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our groundbreaking natural rubber recycling solution, which retains 80% of the original material properties. Additionally, our one-piece color molding technology eliminates the need for paints or glues, resulting in non-toxic toys.

Experience Our Unmatched Professional Services

An assortment of dog toys and dog bowls made by Petopiatoys 
To learn more about our impressive offerings, we invite you to visit our website at We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and are willing to arrange a special car to pick you up from the Canton Fair and provide a personalized reception.

Don't Let This Opportunity Pass You By!

To schedule your visit or for more information, please reach out to:

● Azeri at [email protected] or +86-13380174505
● Sunny at [email protected] or +86-13322613108

Our Address:

No. 8 Jiandong Rubber Products Science and Technology Co., Ltd.,
Yangwu Village, Shuijian Street, Dalingshan Town,
Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

We look forward to welcoming you to our facility and showcasing the passion, innovation, and dedication that goes into every one of our dog toys.

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